Instruction for CupLee


We are glad to offer you a unique menstruation defense. CupLee menstrual cup is the special cap manufactured of medical silicone only and is designed to be inserted into vagina. No tampon or towel can store the amount of fluid that common menstrual cup can easily keep. You are safe with the CupLee menstrual cup for at least twelve hours. Menstrual blood is stored in the cup so your underwear is absolutely clean. Silicone cup doesn’t cause unforeseen problems such as a tampon’s tail soiling your underwear in certain cases.

Silicone cap unlike a tampon never prevent natural moistening of vaginal walls. It doesn’t leave microfibers on the vaginal walls which are the cause of harmful microflora progress. Silicone cup doesn’t disturb natural defense mechanisms of a female organism.

There are no toxic shock syndrome occasions caused by a menstrual cup registered so far.

This is safe and hygienic alternative for any tampons or towels.

The shape of the CupLee menstrual cup is designed by our specialists so that you can use it with great simplicity and comfort. The surface of the cup is absolutely smooth that provides easy maintenance and hygiene of the cup.

CupLee menstrual cup will bring you confidence and comfort.

Our main goal is to make woman know that she is safe and absolutely free.

To insert the cup:

You need to boil thoroughly the CupLee menstrual cup before the first use. Alternatively, you can use special sterilizing solution.

Wash your hands carefully, take the cup and fold it in one of the present ways.

Accurately introduce the cup into the vagina thereafter. You should insert it with slight inclination (along the line to coccyx), but not vertically. Allow the cup to fully unfold and adjoin the walls. If you are not sure that the cup is unfolded, you should run your finger along the cup to examine whether it is placed correctly.

It is better to conduct all the necessary operations with the cup while sitting and in fully relaxed condition, at least for a start. Consider some training in inserting and disposing the cup between menstruations to choose the most comfort position. This procedure will become common for you and won’t cause any problems. You may use special lubricating water-based gel or just water to facilitate the process of introducing the CupLee cap.

To fold the cup:

Option 1: «С» shape:


Join the walls of the cup with one hand and then join the ends of the cup with the other.

Option 2: «bud»:


Take the cup with one hand. Press on the side of the cup with the index finger of the other hand, burying it, and join the ends.

Dismissing the cup:

Menstrual cup stores great amount of fluid. You need to empty it 2-4 times a day, depending on the menstruation rate.

It is compulsory to empty the cup after the nocturnal use. Maximum time of continuous utilization is 12 hours.

In order to pull out the CupLee you need to find the base of the cup by feeling. Press slightly on the bottom to weaken the vacuum and accurately draw the cup out. If you have problems extracting the cup, just place your finger between the cup and the vaginal wall. It breaks the pressure and the cup can be easily extracted.

Cup maintenance:

The maintenance of the CupLee cup is easy since the surface of the cup is absolutely flat without any inscriptions.

You need to boil thoroughly the CupLee menstrual cup before the first use and after the menstruation. Alternatively, you can use special sterilizing solution. If you are boiling the cup, you should do so for 5 minutes in the sufficient amount of water to avoid contact between the cup and the hot metal.

During the menstruation it is only necessary to rinse the cup with water. If you have no access to the water for any reason, you can use toilet paper or special tissue.

A bag made of natural cloth is the best option to store the CupLee between menstruations. Never store it in the airtight package! Avoid direct ultraviolet radiation.

You should inspect and clean small holes on the upper side of the CupLee from time to time.

If you sense some smell, just boil the cup for 5 minutes.

Proper and regular maintenance can extend the service life of the cup by several years.

Shortening a stem:

The size of a handle (17/21 mm) can be shortened to choose the optimal one. You can remove it at all, but you should be careful not to damage the cup itself or break its airtightness.


· The cup has a leakage:

1. Maybe the cup is introduced wrongly.

Use fingers to examine whether the cup is completely unfolded and its walls adjoin the vaginal walls. Hold the cup in cold water for some time prior to the introduction. It makes the cup more elastic and improves the unfolding process.

2. Small pressure holes become cluttered.

Clean the holes using a needle.

3. The size of the cup is improper for you.

4. You have weak vaginal muscles.

Consider exercises circuit for strengthening vaginal muscles (Kegel exercises).

· The stem of the cup makes problems.

1. You can shorten the stem to the comfort length.

2. Consider removing the stem completely, sometimes it is the best option.


In no way use the cup during the postnatal period!

Maximum time of continuous utilization is 12 hours!

CupLee menstrual cup is not a contraception!

Never use the cup during the coitus!

CupLee doesn’t prevent venereal diseases!

Use only your personal CupLee!

Use only natural soap without perfume for CupLee washing!


Postpartum hemorrhage.


Your doctor in charge doesn’t recommend you to use vaginal means of hygiene.

If you want to know more about CupLee menstrual cup, how to use it, what types and sizes of cups are available, how to buy a menstrual cups or ask any other question, we are eager to help and consult you.

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