Alternative to tampons and pads.

Menstrual cup alternatives to tampon and pad?
Among a wide variety of hygienic products is difficult not to be mistaken with a choice. What could be better? Sanitary pads or tampons? Because all women are different, it is logical to assume that the remedies are chosen based on personal preferences. Talk about convenience, I think, not worth it, because tastes differ ...
How, then, to make a choice of means of intimate hygiene? I think the main criterion must be the protection of women's health. So let's look at what exactly are the pads and tampons.
Most of the women in the critical days prefer to use sanitary pads, considering them completely safe. Is it really? The answer to this question can be obtained only understood, from what makes modern pads.
Most modern pads have a special top layer, which is well let the moisture in one direction only. BUT! This synthetic layer is the real "rubber coating". The lower insulating layer in order to protect your underwear is made from polyethylene. The result is a "greenhouse effect" - which is very bad for the health of the woman. Internal filler that converts liquid into a gel must be intact or you may get severe irritation.
And the smell !!!! Menses are very breeding ground for bacteria. Half an hour feminine pads just teeming with all sorts of microorganisms. All this makes the female body more susceptible to gynecological diseases and disorders of the microflora of the vagina during menstruation.
All this is terrible you say! You are right!
Maybe tampons better? Let's see ...
The first thing is dangerous tampon TSS (toxic shock syndrome).
Who do not know, I will explain:
TSS - acute and severe polisistemny disease characterized by sudden onset of high fever, hypotension, vomiting, diarrhea, affecting many organs. Erythematous rash on the skin, scaly during convalescence.
Reason: special toxin of Staphylococcus aureus was isolated in almost all cases, during menstruation, and half of the patients who developed outside of menstruation.
55% of women diseases associated with menstruation!
99% of women who become ill during menstruation, use a tampon!
TSS is necessary for the development of three conditions:
Colonization of S. aureus.
Aureus should be capable of producing an endotoxin.
Needed for the entrance gate of endotoxin in the bloodstream.
In this case:
S. aureus was sown from the vagina of women with TSS in more than 90% of the time and as often produces a specific endotoxin.
Vaginal tampon:
- Absorbent substrates necessary for the development of lactobacilli.
- Absorb magnesium ions, which inhibit the production of endotoxin-negative staphylococci.
- Change the internal environment of the vagina with anaerobic to aerobic, stimulating the growth of S. aureus and production of toxin them.
Of course, cases of TSS is not much, but if there is such a possibility, is it worth the risk. After all, there were even deaths. Since then, many manufacturers have changed their tampons synthetic material to cotton or viscose. But to give a 100% guarantee from the TSS is still no one can.
If you are perfectly healthy, you have a great immune system, and you adhere to the time interval of finding a tampon into the vagina, then you are not afraid of TSS. Tampon will be for you a possible alternative.
Any tampon from inside, absorbs not only menstrual flow, but also the natural moisturizing system, thereby draining the vaginal mucosa, causing discomfort and distension effect.
A heavy menstrual period, tampons are not able to absorb the entire volume of discharge, quickly soak through, may stain your underwear and lead to discomfiture.
But there is good news!
To date, tampon and pad have absolutely safe and hygienic alternative - Menstrual cup (silicone cup). 
So what's the advantage of women's silicone cups over conventional hygiene products?
Medical silicone, which is made of the menstrual cup CupLee - a unique material. Odorless, non-porous structure and its resistance to heat treatment to prevent the risk of bacteria build-up. Silicone - inert material, i.e., it does not interact with body fluids and tissues of the human body. Silicone products, if properly applied, is not toxic, do not cause tissue irritation and the environment of the organism and do not cause allergenic reactions.
For example, silicone rubber retains its properties, shape, elasticity, resilience, strength, rigidity, - practically indefinitely at temperatures of from -50C to + 180C! In this case, the silicone is resistant to salt solutions, boiling water, alcohols, phenols, various mineral oils, weak acids and alkalis, hydrogen peroxide and ozone even!
While wearing a menstrual cup, unlike tampons and pads does not develop harmful aerobic bacteria, as do not let the air. Feminine period cup supports the natural flora of the vagina, hardly felt inside, but the ability to collect many times more menstrual flow. All this allows to change the cup less than menstrual tampons and pads (every 6-12 hours, depending on the intensity of secretions).
If the menstrual cup is positioned correctly, it does not occur that whatever you do! This allows a woman to lead a normal regime and not change their plans during menstruation. You can wear a thong, go to the pool or sauna. Gymnastics, sleeping in white lingerie on white sheets, but at least stand on your head! No one will ever know that you have your period!
But even that's not all! Menstrual cup is reusable and can serve you with the right care, 5-10 years! This significantly saves woman's budget and, most importantly, help save the environment. Did you know that the woman in his life uses and throws into the garbage 5-10 thousand tampons or pads? This is a huge pile of garbage that pollutes the environment.
Of course, the habit may seem that the use of sanitary menstrual cups difficult.
Be sure to enter the correct cup, check whether it is fully opened ... But! Having trained a little time to learn to use a cup, you will forget about the horrible smell, unpleasant sensation debate on pads, dry tampons. Trying sanitary menstrual cups once, you will understand that this is the best alternative to tampon and pad.
Want to menstrual days have ceased to be critical for you ?! Reusable feminine hygiene products manufactured CupLee allow women to become more freely.
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