Answers to frequently asked questions
- If a girl is actively using tampons - yes, you can use the menstrual cup, but preferably small.
- If she has never used vaginal hygiene - it all depends on how radically the integrity of the hymen, generally during menstruation it becomes very elastic and probability of damage is small, but still there. Therefore, if by religion or any other reason, it is important to remain chaste, it is not necessary, and take as many virgins and actively use the menstrual cup CupLee.
- Blood, which is already out of the womb can not get back into the womb, even if you stand on your head. The cervix is anatomically so arranged that the blood passes out, but prevents wicking her back. Inside the cervical canal is filled with a viscous, thick mucus. It is here that everything that enters the uterus and out of it, passes "customs control", and health of the cervix and produces admits only what you need.
- If you have one cup, it is best to bring a small bottle of water (removed the cup rinsed bottle and brought back). You can use wet wipes for personal hygiene - it is less convenient, but also quite hygienic.
- If you have two cups CupLee, it's all very simple: one removed, emptied, rinsed, or wipe and put them in a bag. Got the second clean cup and inserted into the vagina.
If you are worried that it might not be sterile, then carry a small bottle of antiseptic and before the introduction of a treat cup. There are wonderful antiseptics, which are widely used for the treatment of fungal diseases in gynecology - they are perfect for sterilization cups and completely harmless to the vaginal environment - even useful as prophylaxis. One such tool is the "Miramistin" or its analogs.
- Menstrual cup and tampon work quite differently. Tampon absorbs all the allocation and necessary and unnecessary, mucous draining and causing a feeling of fullness. And after the removal of the tampon may be another very difficult to enter because everything inside is too dry.
CupLee cup is made of silicone, it does not break and does not dry the natural flora of the vagina. All allocation collected inside the cup. It is easy to remove and then re-enter again.
- This form of tail is convenient because it is soft (does not interfere with the inside), and at the same time elastic enough (the fingers do not slip off when you pull the cup). Narrow whole tails are much harder to keep. Since the tail looks outwards, then release it almost does not fall, and if something is numb, everything can be easily cleaned with water, no additional effort to rid the tail do not have to spend.